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  • Title: Amrop Finland - Executive Search - Helsinki - Johdon suorahaku
    Descriptive info: .. English.. |.. Suomi.. Home.. Amrop.. About Us.. Why Amrop?.. Context Driven Executive Search.. Our Ethical Standards.. Services.. Executive Search.. Board Consulting.. Leadership Assessment.. Expertise.. Our Team.. Contact.. Address & Map.. Submit CV.. Contact Form.. Amrop is a worldwide Context Driven Executive Search network.. With 82 offices in 55 countries,  ...   you find leaders adept at working across borders, in markets around the world.. 2014 Amrop Finland | Mikonkatu 9 - 00100 Helsinki - Finland | Tel.. +358 9 6229 360 - Fax.. +358 9 6229 3619.. Powered by.. Free CMS - RuubikCMS - The simple way to manage Google optimized websites..

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  • Title: Context Driven Executive Search - Amrop Finland
    Descriptive info: Leaders For What's Next through Context Driven Executive Search.. We believe that context matters to successful executive search.. Our Context Driven process is a rigorous approach to understanding each individual search and how it relates to both the short and the long-term success of your business.. Because we re on the ground in local markets around the world, and have built our own businesses in each, we re uniquely attuned to the nuances and intricacies of these key contexts.. Business Context.. Differences in markets, customers, business models, operating strategies and tactics, values and visions drive unique search criteria for top management.. We take the time to understand how your business functions on a global, regional and local basis, and how these practices are likely to evolve, to ensure candidates match to your business context.. Cultural Context.. Doing business internationally means bringing together people who may be worlds apart.. That s why we immerse ourselves in your firm s culture  ...   expectations.. We handle their information with the greatest confidentiality, and keep them informed throughout.. And we help them to better understand your firm to help ensure the position we re offering is the right one for them.. Financial Context.. To attract top talent, you have to know the financial context in which an offer will be evaluated.. We guide you in creating an offer that reflects the realities of local and global markets, and your firm s resources.. As financial considerations are only part of a package, we provide added perspective to help you assemble a competitive offer.. Service Context.. We share your goals and expectations and work hard to consistently exceed them.. Our Context Driven process is, by its nature, built around your needs and an understanding of your organization, its values, and way of working.. As your representative in the talent market, we help to shape positive images of your firm every time we engage in a search..

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  • Title: Johdon suorahaku - Amrop Finland - Rekrytointi - Helsinki, Suomi
    Descriptive info: Etusivu.. Yritys.. Miksi juuri Amrop?.. Asiasisällön huomioiva suorahaku.. Ammatilliset ja eettiset standardit.. Suorahaun ammattisanastoa.. Suorahakualaan liittyviä opinnäytetöitä.. Palvelut.. Johdon suorahaku.. Hallituskonsultointi.. Johdon arviointi.. Osaaminen.. Asiantuntijat.. Ota yhteyttä.. Osoite & kartta.. Lähetä CV.. Yhteydenottolomake.. Amrop on suorahaun maailmanlaajuinen verkosto.. Meillä on 82 toimipistettä 55:ssa eri maassa, joiden kautta tunnemme globaalit markkinat myös paikallistasolla.. Löydämme tarpeisiinne sopivan avainhenkilön, joka hallitsee kansainvälisten markkinoiden edellyttämät työtavat..

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  • Title: About Amrop Finland
    Descriptive info: Links.. Amrop Global Homepage.. About Amrop Finland.. The local Amrop office was established in Finland 1991.. We are known to our customers of our down to earth methodology and thorough understanding of the client.. Candidates respect our ability to understand their needs and ambitions.. Finally, combining these two we build a perfect match.. As Partners in Executive Search, we have over the years completed assignments placing several hundreds of managers and executives in a  ...   we have a highly professional research team to support us.. We cover all main industries and our customers are well known market leaders in their respective branch of industry.. Over the years we have conducted Executive Searches especially within following industries:.. Banking and Finance.. Consumer Goods.. ICT and Media.. Life Science and Health Care.. Manufacturing Industries.. Professional Services.. Wholesale and Retail.. We communicate fluently in English, German, Swedish and Finnish.. Read more about our.. and..

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  • Title: Amrop Finland - Executive Search - Consulting - Helsinki
    Descriptive info: Amrop is a.. Context Driven Global Executive Search.. network.. We help our clients build their businesses by finding 'Leaders For What's Next' top talent adept at working across borders, in markets around the world.. Our ability to do so is based on three fundamental strengths:.. 1.. Contextual knowledge.. Our understanding of context means we have effective insight into local conditions that can affect both clients and candidates.. And we know how to get things done on the ground.. Our clients get access to the very latest research and information on markets, talent availability and candidate expectations.. We source talent from around the world and we have the deep insight and experience within different industry sectors that is critical to the success of a search.. With 89 offices in 57 countries, we know the world like our own backyard.. 2.. Senior attention.. We believe every client deserves the benefit of working with a senior partner every time.. On every job.. Partners with industry knowledge, who have built their own businesses and  ...   don t just pick up and leave when the going gets tough clients gain the perspective of long experience with local business cycles.. Amrop senior partners work closely with clients to make sure they get executive leadership that fits their business, position and company culture.. 3.. Our global network.. Our global networked structure makes it easy for clients and candidates to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise.. Because we re not constrained by hierarchy, or the rigid structures imposed by traditional search companies, we can respond quickly and efficiently to clients needs.. We listen to our clients rather than to a corporate head office.. We are united by our Context Driven approach to executive search that encompasses shared values, standards, policies and procedures while reflecting the unique realities on the ground in local markets around the world.. With broader coverage than most global search firms, our people know their markets because they ve built their businesses in them.. Wherever you are, you are at the center of our network..

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  • Title: Ethical Standards - Amrop Finland
    Descriptive info: Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).. The Finnish Executive Search Firms' Association (FEX).. Professional and Ethical Standards.. As a member of the.. Association of Executive Search Consultants.. (AESC), we are obligated to comply with the following professional standards.. The AESC formulated these standards with the goal of assuring the quality of the executive search profession, and undertakes to ensure that all of its members are committed to applying these principles consistently.. Professionalism.. AESC members will conduct their activities in a manner that reflects favorably on the profession.. Integrity.. AESC members will conduct their business activities with integrity and avoid conduct that is deceptive or misleading.. Competence.. AESC members will perform all search consulting  ...   consulting assignment, giving due consideration to all relevant facts.. Accuracy.. AESC members will strive to be accurate in all communications with clients and candidates and encourage them to provide relevant and accurate information.. Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest.. AESC members will avoid, or resolve through disclosure and waiver, potential conflicts of interest.. Confidentiality.. AESC members will respect confidential information entrusted to them by clients and candidates.. Loyalty.. AESC members will serve their clients loyally and protect client interests when performing assignments.. Equal Opportunity.. AESC members will support equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluate all qualified candidates.. Respect for Public Interest.. AESC members will conduct their activities with respect for the public interest..

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  • Title: Executive Search - Amrop Finland - Johdon suorahaku - Helsinki
    Descriptive info: Our Context Driven approach to executive search helps our clients find 'Leaders For What's Next' top talent, adept at working across borders in markets around the world.. Amrop researchers and consultants assess market availability, use comparative benchmarking and find candidates who not only have the required experience and expertise but are the correct cultural fit with the organisation.. A senior Amrop partner is involved in every search assignment until its successful completion.. To ensure the effectiveness of multi-country and international search assignments, Amrop leverages the strength of its global network.. Typically, a project team comprises consultants from countries where the search is being conducted and who understand both the local and global context in which the search will take place.. Consultants with specific industry expertise are also involved.. Multi-country assignments are coordinated by a lead consultant who acts as the primary interface with the client.. The context driven process includes:.. Planning Insight.. Context Assessment.. Following extensive consultation with the client about needs, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization, its business goals, culture as well as the specific requirements for the appointment.. The reasons why the job is attractive are also carefully analysed.. Context Brief.. The objectives of the assignment are defined and an ideal candidate profile developed.. At  ...   performance verified, motivation and personality assessed and, where appropriate, strengths and weaknesses appraised.. Throughout the search process, the client is kept informed of progress and findings.. A long list of qualified candidates together with brief profiles is usually presented to the client along with recommendations of those who best meet the specifications.. Aside from comprehensive candidate reports, market reaction is also constantly feedback to the client.. Candidate Meetings.. Candidates who meet the requirements of the Context Brief are brought forward.. After each session, feedback is obtained from all parties and interest levels on both sides are carefully monitored.. Closure.. Negotiations.. Both the client and the candidate draw on our vast reservoir of knowledge in market compensation and benefits to discuss and structure a competitive and equitable package.. References.. Where local laws allow, extensive and formal reference checks are undertaken to confirm candidate career achievements.. Handholding.. After a successful candidate has been appointed and begun their assignment, Amrop maintains an ongoing dialogue with both the candidate and the client to ensure a smooth integration into the organisation and, at the same time, assure the achievement of performance goals.. At this stage, Amrop can also take on the communication of the new appointment to the press and inside the organisation, if required..

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  • Title: Board Consulting - Amrop Finland - Helsinki
    Descriptive info: We help clients identify and appoint Independent Directors who fit to the organizational and business contexts of our clients firms.. This helps ensure that an organisation's Board is composed of an appropriate balance of non-executive directors in terms of skills, experience and representation, as well as having an awareness and interest in governance issues.. The search for Independent Directors can differ quite extensively from that for senior executives.. Our Context Driven Board Search process uncovers what gaps exist in the skills, experience and political or commercial positioning of the current Board.. It looks at particular requirements for specialist skills, as well as the potential need to match existing management strengths.. Candidates are identified based not only their own skills and suitability but also on the requirements and objectives of the  ...   Amrop's senior practice executives help ensure that the Board is composed of the necessary strategic and technical skills to guide the organization.. We have successfully helped to develop and appoint Board members across the entire spectrum of industries, all around the world.. Amrop works with existing Boards as well as helping start-up organizations set up suitable Boards of Directors that are both appropriate to the aims and core business of the company as well as being compliant with Governance rules and regulations.. In many cases, Amrop has also been tasked with the identification of the ideal candidate to Chair the Board with extremely successful outcomes.. Working with a key Governance expert, Amrop can also offer a review process to ensuring that our clients' Boards meet the expectations of new Governance regulations..

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  • Title: Management Assessment - Amrop Finland - Helsinki
    Descriptive info: Leadership Assessment is a tool to help ensure the long-term competitive strength of organizations.. It provides a strategic view to a client s Talent Context the resources, development needs and capacity to deal with key strategic issues.. As a result, our clients are much better placed to understand and plan for issues of leadership and succession planning.. Leadership Assessment allows companies to benchmark their internal resources with the market on both a local and global level.. Operating around the world, Amrop s Leadership Assessment specialists offer a context driven, local and global perspective.. They are senior Amrop partners with intimate  ...   closely with senior management at client firms, Amrop complements in-house knowledge with an unbiased, external view that reflects the latest business and leadership trends around the world.. In addition, we transfer our knowledge and skills to enable our clients to carry out similar assessments throughout the rest of the organization.. This facilitates the identification of development needs for individuals and helps in succession planning for tomorrow's organizational leadership.. Leadership Assessments are particularly useful in situations relating to changes in senior management, succession planning, mergers or acquisitions, identification of senior executive development needs and to highlight areas of organizational strength and weakness..

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  • Title: Our Expertise - Amrop Finland
    Descriptive info: Our Expertise.. At Amrop we believe that our first-hand local knowledge combined with an in-depth understanding and experience of our clients' industries along with our global search capabilities are what make us the executive search partner of choice for clients across the globe.. We have created a number of specialist practices that result from our recognised  ...   within that industry before joining The Amrop Group.. With intimate knowledge and extensive contacts in the industry, Amrop is the most qualified to find exceptional candidates.. Areas of expertise.. We combine our industry expertise with an extensive knowledge around key functions such as CEO, CFO, sales and marketing, HR, board members and specialists.. Contact Our Team..

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  • Title: Our Team - Amrop Finland
    Descriptive info: Mika af Hällström.. Pii Kotilainen.. Stefan Ottelin.. Tuomas Sederholm.. Robert Fagerström.. Eero Nuutinen.. Minna Koivukangas.. Salla Niemelä.. Erika Ratilainen.. Managing Partner.. Mobile: +358 40 514 6633.. Partner.. Mobile: +358 400 607 822.. Mobile: +358 50 555 6888.. Mobile: +358 400 101 200.. Senior Advisor.. Mobile: +358 50 561 4606.. Mobile: +358 400 604 001.. Assignment Manager..

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