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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. |.. Site Map.. About.. Products & Services.. Ordering & Sample Delivery.. Contact.. Links.. Biomedicum Genomics.. Comprehensive functional genomics services and solutions provider at Biomedicum Helsinki.. Biomedicum Genomics (BMGen) provides academic and industrial clients access to a wide range of functional genomics technologies, services and partnering solutions.. Our core technologies include genome-wide expression, copy number profiling, miRNA expression, DNA-protein interaction (ChIP-on-chip), Illumina high-throughput sequencing  ...   we offer high-titer shRNA and ORF lentiviruses targeting genes of interest.. We also offer.. customized services.. e.. g.. preparation of gain or loss-of-function cell lines and protein interactomics-based services (yeast two-hybrid).. In addition, we provide access to wide array of computational data analyses.. BMGen also offers.. partnering deals.. for clients interested in customized integration of several technologies.. www.. biomedicumgenomics.. fi.. bmgen.. fi.. © Biomedicum Genomics 2009..

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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics - Sitemap
    Descriptive info: Biomedicum Genomics Oy.. support@bmgen.. Haartmaninkatu 8.. FI-00290 Helsinki.. Finland.. Sitemap.. Director's Note.. Board of Directors.. Strategy.. News.. Quality Control of Nucleic Acids.. mRNA and miRNA Expression Profiling.. DNA Copy Number Profiling (arrayCGH).. DNA-Protein Interaction.. Epigenetics Analysis.. Next-Generation Sequencing.. Recombinant Virus Particles.. Viral Particles.. Viral Particle production from customer’s own vector.. Virus Particle Analysis.. Data Analysis Services.. Partnerships.. Sample Delivery to BMGen..  ...   Sample Submission - Virus Services.. Delivery of the Results/Products.. Technology.. Research and Product Development.. Biochip Analysis.. DNA-Protein Binding Analysis.. Epigenetics Analysis.. Sequencing.. Targeted Sequence Capture.. Loss and Gain of Function Genetics.. Recombinant Virus Technology.. Genome Scale shRNA Libraries.. mRNA and miRNA Expression Profiling.. Quality Control of Recombinant Virus Products.. Use of Recombinant Virus Products.. Production of Recombinant Lentiviruses and Retroviruses.. Open Positions..

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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics - About
    Descriptive info: The core competence of BMGen is in the rapidly developing post-genomic era scientific discipline called functional genomics.. Functional genomics explores changes and functions of genes in scope of large or even genome-wide gene-sets.. These new research approaches, which became possible only after sequencing of the human genome was completed in 2003, have opened completely new avenues for academic research and offer new promising solutions for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.. Biochips are typically used to measure DNA copy number variation, mRNA or microRNA expression alterations or DNA-protein binding interactions in a genome-wide scale.. Recombinant lentiviruses are used as carriers of a DNA piece, which expresses a desired gene in the cells or  ...   fields of life sciences and pharmaceutical research, generating multiple new approaches in the areas of pathway mapping, drug discovery, toxicity profiling, lead optimization and diagnostics.. BMGen offers customers a chance to keep up with pace of rapidly evolving technologies, maintain a state-of-art R&D portfolio and outsource part of the research enabling customers to keep focus on their core expertise.. We provide wide range of full service analyses, in which our work starts from the customer’s biological specimen or a gene list and we deliver customer the wanted biological information.. BMGen also invites clients to partnerships, which encompass consultation with scientific experts, comprehensive analysis packages and solutions including multiple functional genomics platforms..

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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics - Products and Services
    Descriptive info: Products and Services.. BMGen offers genome profiling services by next-generation sequencing as well as by four different microarray platforms.. The services include copy number profiling, transcriptomics analysis including miRNA and exon specific expression, DNA-protein interaction and epigenome analyses.. We also provide services in nucleic acid extraction and quality control analysis.. Sectors: basic research, drug target identification, drug development and validation, pharmacogenomics, disease classification, diagnostics..

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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics - Ordering And Sample Delivery
    Descriptive info: Ordering And Sample Delivery.. For ordering and sample delivery, please contact us in advance by e-mail.. Outside Biomedicum Helsinki, samples should be delivered to BMGen by courier or mail at proper storage conditions (room temperature, on ice or dry ice).. Delivery address:.. Biomedicum Genomics.. Finland..

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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics - Contact
    Descriptive info: Street address for couriers.. FI-00290 Helsinki.. Contact information.. For enquiries on all services and technical questions contact primarily:.. General information on services and product support:.. +358 50 317 5472.. View Larger Map..

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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics - Links
    Descriptive info: IMI-funded partnership PREDECT.. Biomedicum Helsinki.. Agilent.. Affymetrix.. Illumina.. Broad Institute.. California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3)..

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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics - Board of Directors
    Descriptive info: Biomedicum Genomics was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from University of Helsinki.. Matti Kankainen, MSc, Chief Executive Officer.. Juha Klefstrom, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer.. Arja Kuittinen, PhD, Chairman of the Board of Directors.. Johanna Björkroth, PhD, Member of the Board of Directors, Vice Rector of the University of Helsinki.. Outi Monni, PhD, Member of the Board of Directors..

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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics - Quality Control of Nucleic Acids
    Descriptive info: We offer QC analyses of nucleic acids measuring DNA/RNA size and quantity as well as integrity of total RNA or mRNA in your sample by Bioanalyzer.. The following assays are available:.. RNA 6000 Nano and Pico Assays (total RNA and mRNA).. concentration range 50 pg/µl -500 ng/µl.. DNA 1000, 7500 and 12000 High Sensitivity Assays.. size range 25-12000 bp.. small RNA.. size range of small RNA molecules 6-150 nt.. For a complete list of available Bioanalyzer assays and specifications, please visit the.. Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer..

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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics - mRNA and miRNA Expression Profiling
    Descriptive info: BMGen offers gene expression microarray services on the following commercially available platforms:.. GeneChip arrays.. 3’ IVT Expression Arrays.. Whole-Transcript Gene Expression Arrays.. miRNA Array.. Oligo Microarray.. 3’ Gene Expression Arrays.. miRNA Arrays.. Custom Arrays.. BeadChip arrays.. Customer may either provide BMGen purified total RNA or RNA extraction can be performed as a service in BMGen.. All available array formats and organisms can be found on manufacturers’ websites..

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  • Title: Biomedicum Genomics - DNA Copy Number Profiling (arrayCGH)
    Descriptive info: BMGen offers DNA copy number profiling services on the following commercially available platforms:.. Oligo aCGH.. High-density and high-resolution G3 oligo arrays.. Custom arrays.. Cytogenetics array.. Customer may either provide BMGen genomic DNA or DNA extraction can be done as a service by BMGen..

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