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  • Title: Finactu - Home
    Descriptive info: .. It is not that they cannot see the solution.. It is that they.. cannot see the problem.. -G.. K.. Chesterton.. Home.. Products.. Services.. Contact Us.. Careers.. News.. Welcome to Finactu, developers of Agent product suite.. We are specialized in developing systematic approaches to handling structured products, exotic and commodity derivatives businesses of our valued clients in a cost effective, highly flexible and reliable way.. Our efforts and experiences with clients have led to the creation of Agent family of products, easily configurable systems currently implemented for structured products, commodity derivatives and dynamic portfolio management.. We recognize that the nature of the structured  ...   qualities our concept builds on.. Our solution is not only a product sales, it is a commitment to a long term partnership.. We are therefore able to provide the most flexible and cost-effective structured products solution from front to back office with advanced derivative instrument analytics, source code, implementation, consultancy and risk management / product training.. Finactu Ltd.. is a consultancy specializing in the area of complex investment products and finance IT.. We offer comprehensive solutions for structured product offerings, modeling and distribution of information.. APVY kurssi huhtikuussa.. Developer and summer trainee positions.. Extranet portfolio reporting for Navi Group.. Global structured products reporting system..

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  • Title: Finactu - Home
    Descriptive info: An undefined problem has an infinite number of solutions -R.. A.. Humphrey..

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  • Title: Finactu - Products
    Descriptive info: To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.. SP Agent.. CPPI Agent.. Other.. Finactu provides solutions to business management for:.. Structured products.. Exotic and other derivatives.. Commodity derivatives and.. Complex investment products.. Agent products are solutions for management of structured products, dynamic portfolio insurance and commodity derivatives businesses.. More information on our new Agent - product suite available shortly!.. Examples of Agent products:.. SP Agent.. CPPI Agent.. They are easily extendible to other product areas and to support varying and ever growing needs of the financial institutions..

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  • Title: Finactu - Services
    Descriptive info: An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest -B.. Franklin.. We offer consultation in the area of structured products and exotic derivatives analytics, commodity derivatives and risk management, systems and processes.. Moreover, we offer comprehensive analysis of our clients businesses and provide independent advice on system selection.. We provide education and specialist lectures on various subjects,  ...   Simulation methods in risk analysis for exotic derivatives.. Commodity derivatives pricing and risk management.. etc.. In addition, we offer customized education and tailored courses for our financial software solutions and Agent - products:.. Technical courses for internal developers and system administrators.. Functional courses for front, middle and back office personnel.. Please contact and ask for further information..

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  • Title: Finactu - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Key Personnel.. Address: Nervanderinkatu 5 D 45.. 00100 Helsinki.. FINLAND.. tel: +358 50 438 0438.. tel Spain: +34 693 827 659.. email: firstname.. lastname {at} finactu.. fi..

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  • Title: Finactu - Careers
    Descriptive info: The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.. It is thesource of all true art and science -A.. Einstein.. We are always seeking talented people interested in a challenging work and positions where innovation and teamwork skills are vital for success.. Currently available positions:.. Developer in Finland, Helsinki.. Summer  ...   C# - languages our tailored client solutions and SP Agent - software, deployment of new releases and working with relational databases such as Oracle and SQL Server.. Qualifications: Undergraduate or advanced degree in information technology, working knowledge of Windows OS, Java - programming language and relational databases.. Excellent written and spoken English..

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  • Title: Finactu - News
    Descriptive info: APVY kurssi huhtikuussa.. 12.. 2.. 14.. Finactu järjestää APVY tutkinnon suorittamiseen tähtäävän kurssin hotelli Radisson Blu:ssa Helsingissä 28-29.. huhtikuuta.. Kouluttajina toimivat KTT Sami Järvinen ja KTM Antti Parviainen.. Developer and summer trainee positions.. 17.. 5.. 13.. Finactu offers a developer position and a summer trainee position for a gifted and motivated applicants.. Tasks include web programming in Java etc.. Pls send applications to Sami Järvinen (see contact).. Extranet portfolio reporting for Navi Group.. 15.. 12.. Finactu will implement solution based on Agent software extension to automate and enable portfolio reporting of clients of Navi Group using extranet service.. Global structured products reporting system.. 9.. 11.. Finactu has agreed to deliver a global solution for a large scandinavian financial institution to handle, harmonize and automate it's structured products reporting of public bonds.. Delivery will be customized and implemented in close connection with client's staff.. Agent delivered to Navi Group Oy.. 1.. 7.. Finactu delivers Agent software to Navi Group Oy.. Agent will be used for handling client reporting, trade settlement, customer information management and external reporting.. Navi Group will use the system for wide range of activities from structured products to asset management.. Summer trainee position available.. 23.. Finactu offers a summer trainee position for a gifted and motivated applicant.. Pls send applications as soon as possible to Sami Järvinen (see contact).. Finactu delivers portfolio selection app.. 20.. Finactu has agreed to implement it's portfolio selection application to a Finnish wealth management company.. Implementation will take place during Spring 2011.. It expands Finactu's offering towards more analytical asset management business.. New address.. 8.. 10.. Finactu has moved offices to Mikonkatu 6.. Agent Verkus Oy.. 19.. Finactu will deliver Agent software to Verkus Oy.. The business area where it will be used is structured products.. Reporting for Oak Capital.. 3.. Finactu has agreed to provide product reporting for Oak Capital.. In addition, Oak Finland will use Finactu's Agent software to handle other reporting for clients and products + data handling for various internal and external requirements.. SSS live with joint reporting.. 22.. Suomen Strukturoitujen Sijoitustuotteiden yhdistys, SSS has started using historical reporting feature, facility provided by Finactu.. The web site link is: http://www.. sijoitustuotteet.. fi/index.. php?id=16.. SSS joint reporting.. 1.. Finactu will provide means for SSS members to handle joint reporting of structured products.. The solution will be offered to all members and in the first phase at least Nordea, Sampo Pankki and OP-Pohjola will join.. The solution will support the transparensy and visibility of the product group.. The solution be expanded as the popularity grows among members and public using the feature.. Finlandia Group Oyj goes live with Agent.. Finlandia Group has gone live with Finactu's Agent software suite to handle structured products settlement process and reporting.. This move will greatly enhance the effectiveness of Finlandia's necessary business processes.. Fund management to Agent.. 18.. 09.. Finactu has expanded it's Agent suite to include also fund management features.. The new functionality is taken into use in Front Capital as they've launched their own fund product in the Autumn.. Optimization to VPPI/CPPI.. 11.. Finactu has delivered to it's client, a large Nordic financial institution, an upgraded solution for dynamic portfolio management.. The new version features reporting for ongoing period performance and optimization of the risky basket in the VPPI/CPPI structures.. Asset management & reporting.. 31.. Finactu has launched a new version of it's SP Agent product.. The new version has been delivered to Front Capital and it included extended reporting features for structured products business as well as asset management functionalities.. Performance reporting for dynamic investment produ.. 9.. 08.. Finactu agrees to deliver automated reporting of dynamic products to  ...   Solution automatic data retrieval, cross technology and automatic pdf - document generation.. Finactu and Modelity to sponsor SSS meeting.. Modelity Technologies Ltd.. and Finactu have agreed on joint sponsorship of the next annual meeting of Suomen Strukturoidut Sijoitustuotteet ry (Finnish Structured Products Association) to be held in Helsinki in April.. Agreement on Nordic Cooperation.. and Finactu Ltd.. Announce Nordic CooperationModelity Technologies and Finactu announced today that they have begun a strategic collaboration working together on several projects in the Nordic region.. The projects will significantly upgrade the financial solutions of structured products deployed at some of the leading Scandinavian financial institutions.. Press release.. SP Agent 2.. 0 released.. 07.. Finactu has deployed Version 2.. 0 of SP Agent to a client.. New version adds to the market data handling, publishing and client reporting capabilities of this unique structured products business management software.. Non-linear portfolio allocation solution.. 16.. Finactu agrees to deliver a portfolio allocation solution for non-linear, complex financial products to a large Scandinavian bank.. Solution combines different asset classes and runs on a Java platform.. CPPI/VPPI system delivered to Client.. 14.. Finactu has delivered an advanced version of the CPPI/VPPI system to a large Nordic bank.. Solution is highly innovative and tailored to utilize client s existing framework to maximum extent.. Commodity Risk Engine delivered to Client.. Finactu has delivered a commodity risk engine to a large Nordic bank.. The solution, which is implemented using the latest technology, integrates seamlessly with the bank s existing systems and enables flexible and real-time cross-commodity risk assessment.. Evolution version of complex securities management.. 6.. Finactu has delivered an advanced version of the system for management of complex debt securities to a large Scandinavian bank.. The Java based system runs on a web-server and provides outstanding scalability both in terms of number of users and functionality enhancements.. New features extend in particular the system s reporting and reconciliation functionalities.. Commodity derivatives settlements system extended.. 29.. Finactu delivers a system for commodity trade confirmations to a large Scandinavian bank.. The system builds on Client s existing system and simultaneously integrates the earlier provided payment advice system into one application.. Zhiyi Xuan nominated to be CTO.. Zhiyi Xuan has been nominated to be Chief Technological Officer for Finactu.. Mr Xuan has long and vast experience on modern technologies and financial IT.. He has been responsible for successes of several important projects.. SP Agent delivered to Front Capital.. Finactu has delivered a customized solution of SP Agent (part of a new generation innovative Agent software suite) to Front Capital.. Developers of Finactu worked intensively with the key specialists of Front Capital in developing an optimal solution to management of structured debt securities business.. Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance system.. 28.. Finactu agrees to deliver a state-of-the-art management system for Constant and Variable Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI/VPPI) system to a large Nordic Bank.. The system will be implemented in close co-operation between Finactu s and Client s key personnel.. Commodity derivatives settlements system.. Finactu delivers a system for commodity payment advice production to a large Scandinavian bank.. The system extends the Client s existing framework by enabling more flexible advice generation, yet retaining control of the security of the settlement operations.. Commodity curve generation tool.. 8.. Finactu delivers a tool for generating commodity curves for various underlying instruments to a large Nordic Bank.. The system uses advanced smoothing techniques to generate realistic and efficient forward curves.. Leading third-party optimization library is being used for accurate and efficient curve generation.. Delivery of complex securities management system.. Finactu has delivered the first version of the system for management of complex debt securities to a large Scandinavian bank..

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  • Title: Finactu - Other
    Descriptive info: Some truths can be sensed, but not said.. Finactu provides asset and risk management software solutions for corporations and financial institutions.. Our solutions are innovative and use the latest proved technologies.. Examples of the customized solutions include e.. :.. Portfolio optimization software.. Scenario and risk analyses.. Pricing models for exotic derivatives.. Solutions for structured products trading and processing.. Solutions for commodity risk management.. Solutions for commodity derivatives / curve modeling.. Dynamic portfolio insurance system.. Web publishing and automated reporting..

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  • Title: Finactu - Key Personnel
    Descriptive info: If you want to get the best out of a man, you must look.. for the best that is in him -Bernard Haldane.. Sami Järvinen.. Managing Director, Partner.. Mr.. Järvinen is the founder and has been Managing Director of Finactu since its inception.. Prior to founding Finactu, Mr.. Järvinen held Assistant Professor position at Helsinki School of Economics and consulted Scandinavian banks on derivatives pricing and modelling  ...   establishing structured products market in Finland.. Järvinen has a PhD degree from Helsinki School of Economics.. Anne Pääkkö.. Software Developer.. Anne works as Java and C# developer, he joined Finactu in June 2011.. She has long experience in Java and is able to contribute greatly to design and implementation of our Java projects.. She's also used to work with clients in various projects based on Java and C#..

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  • Title: Finactu - SP Agent
    Descriptive info: Showcase.. SP Agent is a solution for Structured Products business management.. Quick Brochure.. Features e.. Issue details entry + extended data on-the-fly.. Customer / Agent etc.. definitions.. Trade status updates over the life cycle.. Automated generation of invoices / confirmations.. Web - publishing tool for performance  ...   to SQLServer, Oracle, other database servers.. Net Remoting Technology: Thin client(s) - business logic and data on the server.. Modularized: Easily upgraded to separately tailored / ordered functionality.. 100% Microsoft C# 2.. 0 based - speed of the light extendibility either inhouse or ordered from us..

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  • Title: Finactu - CPPI Agent
    Descriptive info: CPPI Agent is a solution for business management CPPI / VPPI dynamic portfolio insurance products.. CPPI / VPPI product details entry + extended data on-the-fly.. Support for various instrument types, e.. basket, swap, leveraged note.. Scenario reports.. Advanced daily valuations, P&L figures, rebalancing functionality.. Flexible reporting options, easily extendible.. Valuation history..

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