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  • Title: Taxonomic Database - Taxonomic Database
    Descriptive info: .. Taxonomic Database.. Nordic LSID project.. The purpose of the project is to build an e-infrastructure for resolving scientific names of organisms to facilitate biodiversity data use and data sharing in the Nordic region and beyond.. The work requires setting up a service on Internet that will issue globally unique identifiers for scientific names and the underlying taxonomic concepts based on the LSID specification, which has been standardized by the Biodiversity Informatics Standards organization TDWG and is recommended by the  ...   can then use these identifiers to remove ambiguities in data exchange.. Among the benefits will be that large integrated studies that need to combine data, for instance for global change studies, become more feasible.. The project increases the interaction of the participants that already are major research infrastructure elements into new electronic frontiers.. This is the first joint project of the Nordic GBIF nodes and the project is aimed also at strengthening Nordic cooperation in the global GBIF process.. Taxonomic database..

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  • Title: Taxonomic Database - Search
    Descriptive info: Username:.. Password:.. Search by name.. Scientific name:.. Incomplete name.. Browse available lists.. Choose group:.. \n.. Butterflies and moths - Lepidoptera.. Flies - Diptera.. Hemipteran - Hemiptera.. Lacewings and scorpionflies - Neuroptera & Mecoptera.. Parasitic wasps - Hymenoptera Parasitica.. Thrips - Thysanoptera.. Birds - Aves.. Mammals - Mammalia.. Vascular plants - Tracheophyta.. Hymenoptera Aculeata.. Show all lists..

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  • Title: Nimistötietokanta - Haku
    Descriptive info: Nimistötietokanta.. Käyttäjätunnus:.. Salasana:.. Hae nimellä.. Tieteellinen nimi:.. Nimen osana.. Selaa lajilistoja.. Valitse eliöryhmä:.. Perhoset - Lepidoptera.. Kärpäset - Diptera.. Nivelkärsäiset - Hemiptera.. Verkkosiipiset ja kärsäkorennot - Neuroptera & Mecoptera.. Loispistiäiset - Hymenoptera Parasitica.. Ripsiäiset - Thysanoptera.. Linnut - Aves.. Nisäkkäät - Mammalia.. Putkilokasvit - Tracheophyta.. Myrkkypistiäiset - Hymenoptera Aculeata.. Näytä kaikki listat..

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